Roberto Middle School


Principal - Ingrid Dawson Assistant Principal - Sharon Lewis Dean Of Students - Terry Brandt


Great Job This Year...

Dear Roberto Middle School families and community,

We wrap up this school year in 2 days, and what a journey it has been. To all of our 8th graders going to the High School next year, I want to wish you all the best first day of High School ever. I hope your path in life is a positive one and that you remember the difference between right and wrong. I want to wish you all an incredible school year and thank our parents for the invaluable support this year. Our parents are the back bone to the success of the school year. You are all playing a historical role in shaping the future of our country and the world. Bless all of our parents. Now, everyone, I hope you all enjoy your summer vacation and we look forward to seeing you back here in the fall.

Ingrid Dawson,


Welcome To Our School And District!

For those of you who are new to our school or even our district, please don't hesitate to contact our district or school at any time for assistance. You can contact our school at or contact any of the district principals by using any of the following emails:

To contact our district use of  the following emails:

New to our district is an School Resource Officer. Officer Jon Adamson From The Samson County Sheriff's Office. Email Him at either of the following email addresses:

For further inquiries or other information contact us at or visit and use the links contained there.

As we wrap up our summer vacation and get ready for students to return to school, we ask parents to be patient with our bus drivers as routes are being sorted out. Every start of the school year, transportation can and will be out of sorts for the first week of school or until specified. We, again, would like to welcome you all back to a brand new school year.


Ingrid Dawson


Roberto Middle School