The following page contains all alerts issued by the Roberto Central School's, District Offices. Each alert, is listed from newest to oldest, with the newer alerts at the very top of this page.

Information Related To Flooding-Related School Closures

ISSUED - October 3, 2023 

This alert is just an information alert regarding this year's flooding and rain storm related closures that are likely to happen this year. Similar to last year, we are expecting at least 2 hurricanes to hit our state, and we are currently preparing specific closure dates, that will allow our staff and students to be safe, should these hurricanes and severe flooding occur. As we go into the second month of school our district has allocated at least 14 days off for flooding conditions without it affecting our storm-closure days.

Because New Shire is situated in a federally certified severe-storm path, we are given at least 28 days of closure time, to prepare for such conditions. We thank you for your continued cooperation and have a fantastic second month of school.


Joe Smith

Superintendent Of Schools

Welcome Back To The 2023-2024 School Year

ISSUED - September 1, 2023:

Welcome back to the new year. As we welcome back our students and staff, we ask that parents review pick-up and drop-off procedures which are similar to the one in place last year, with slight modifications. We also ask parents and students to review the 2023-2024 Roberto CSD District Code Of Conduct, Dress Code, Phone Use Policy, Drug And Weapons Policy As Well As Bus Rules And Procedures. We look forward to a fulfilling year with you all and are glad you're learning with us.


Joseph Smith

Superintendent Of Schools