Roberto High School

Welcome To Roberto High School

Class Of 2023

Principal - Braden Evans Assistant Principal - Joseph Salter Assistant Principal - Rick Lacknar


Welcome Back To School

Dear Students and Parents,

Roberto High School would like to welcome back the Class of 2023 and all fellow students back to our campus. As mentioned in several newsletters distributed throughout the summer, the beginning of the academic year will begin on Tuesday September 6, 2022. This year will be completely in person learning. Our district Superintendent Mr. Joe Smith( has announced that hybrid learning and distanced learning will no longer be an option for students as COVID-19 has been deemed not an 'EXISTENTIAL THREAT' to students, staff and district administrators.

Please ensure that all of our high school students and their parents update their emergency contacts for the 2022-2023. You can do so by completing the form linked here.

We would like to welcome you all back and look forward to an incredible school year. Please feel free to contact us at any time or contact my office at

2022-2023 Calendar Of Events

The Roberto Central School District has recently released the official Calendar Of Events. To View the 2022-2023 Calendar, click the link below. For future Calendars or to speak to the District's Calendar Team, Email the team at